About us

Our team aims to make weekly donations of monetary and/or volunteer work. On a daily basis we analyze and discuss ways that we can move towards educating the Youth in order for them to obtain the skills required to uplift the community.

“Overcoming poverty is not a task of charity, it is an act of justice. Like Slavery and Apartheid, poverty is not natural. It is man-made and can be overcome and eradicated by the actions of human beings. Sometimes it falls on a generation to be great. YOU can be that great generation. Let your greatness blossom." - Nelson Mandela

We face the biggest problems of our era right now. There is almost always something that can be done.

“Love is the supreme form of communication. In the hierarchy of needs, love stands as the supreme developing agent of the humanity of the person. As such, the teaching of love should be the central core of all early childhood curriculum with all other subjects growing naturally out of such teaching.” - Ashley Montagu


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Charity Monareng

General Director

Charity Monareng is one of our directors. She is a drug policy reform advocate and PhD candidate at the University of Cape Town. She also serves on the board of the South African Network of People Who Use Drugs and on the board of Digital Girl Africa.

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Ziyaad VitaminZeeLifeStyle Osman

Founder and Chairperson

Ziyaad Osman is the founder of the organisation. Inspired to have an organisation fight against injustices against humanity and our earth, no matter race or religion. He is a Mind Body Spirit (Lifestyle) Coach specializing in Personal training, Life Coaching ,Nutrition, Stress management, Herbalism, Conscious deep Breathing, Space holding, Kickboxing,Boxing ,Self defense and bootcamp training.

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Norvaal Petersen

General Director

Norvaal is an experienced biology educator, laboratory technician, and one of the organisations directors. Driven by compassion, he takes pride in engaging on projects that supports the marginalized. As a director, his goals include, helping people find a form of independence through the projects initiated and maintaining an organisation focus. More overly, he has been part of the City of Johannesburg Student Council-- in 2007, which had projects aligned at developing independent citizens who contributed positively to the country.

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Genevieve Ally

Chief of Operations

For over two years, Genevieve Ally has been a noteworthy leader in the logistics space. You may know her from her work as an IT Service Desk Engineer at Lancet Laboratories, but Genevieve can also be credited with contributions to leading the “Banquet project” as well as facilitating the "Blood Drive” and sourcing sponsors for a "Christmas lunch”. She is responsible for marketing the organisations content, part of the project planning committee and project set-up team. She is also the COO for the organisation. Her quote “Live, Love and Laughter" is a must to impart to others.

Our Mission

To inspire and empower South African citizens through improving access to opportunities and creating awareness of their civil rights, lasting solutions to social injustices and poverty and awareness of the importance of health and wellbeing.

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Make Donations

As with any organisation, we require donations in order to feed and assist where we can. Contact us for steps on how to donate.

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We Need Volunteers

We have a volunteer form that you can use to sign up with, you will pledge part of your time to assist in the organisation.

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